Vital Signs

Data Analytics for Spectrum Credit Unions

Powered by Qlik, Vital Signs is a robust Business Intelligence solution comprising multiple applications. Each application provides analysts and senior management with unique insight into the health of their Credit Union.

Vital Signs uses AskPlus to generate a daily extract of membership data (Members, Share & Loans) as well as history transaction data.

Analyse Trends over Time

Data is stored with an “as of date” making it possible to “roll back” time. Use Vital Signs to view trends in member, share and loan growth and discover more about your most active and profitable members.

Analyse without Learning the Database Structure

Vital Signs applications function as independent ‘mini’ data warehouses. There are no queries to write or tables to join — just data ready to be mined. Users are productive after their initial two hour online training.

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The best way to understand the potential of Vital Signs is to watch one of our introductory videos.

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