Visual Report Designer for Eloquence

Visimage3 is a Windows-based visual report designer integrated with AskPlus.  Visimage3 users can query and report from Eloquence databases using the full power and functionality of AskPlus.  Visimage3 users cannot use the update capabilities of AskPlus, so it is safe to deploy Visimage3 to non IT users. 

Fiserv Spectrum Credit Unions

Vital Soft has been providing reporting solutions to Spectrum Credit Unions for almost 30 years. Visimage3 is an excellent reporting  solution for both IT users and back office employees with a good understanding of the Spectrum database structure.

In House Clients:

To use Visimage3, Credit Unions running Spectrum in-house must also install AskPlus. Your AskPlus and Visimage3 licenses can be purchased through Fiserv or direct from Vital Soft.

Online (ASP) Clients:

Since all Fiserv servers have access to AskPlus, ASP customers do not need to purchase an AskPlus license. Visimage3 licenses must be purchased through Fiserv.


The Vital Soft technical team provides Visimage3 support to both in-house and online clients.

Knowledgeable Technical Support and Consulting

Our support staff have extensive experience helping clients with their reporting needs. We are happy to assist with simple queries and with complex multi-pass reports. Sometimes your needs may exceed standard support in which case our consultants are available to assist at very competitive rates.

Incomparable Functionality

Visimage for Windows is production-proven by hundreds of users every day:

  • Create simple lists or advanced reports with complex calculations.
  • Select and sort using any portion of an item/field.
  • Link datasets and files together.
  • Total expressions during a single pass; use these totals in other calculations.
  • Design multi-pass reports: create a self-describing file of primary information, then access this file during subsequent reports.
  • Create spreadsheet-like reports using array type variables.
  • Reformat dates, determine the age of any date, store and reuse complex calculations–all through a library of special operators and macros.
  • Transform any Visimage report into a UNIX script or schedule as a Windows Task with just a few keystrokes.

Output Flexibility

Flexible output options increase your productivity. The same report can have multiple output options. Easily switch between display, delimited and Excel output.

Local file output can be automated using the Windows Task Scheduler.

Host file output can be automated using UNIX scripts and easily integrated with Automic.

  • Display
  • Printer
  • Text (Print) file
  • Delimited files
  • Formatted Excel file
  • Excel tables
  • Other local file formats
  • Host files for multi-pass reporting

Free Evaluation Copy

Interested in finding out more about Visimage…

Contact us at or call us at 1-800-848-2576 to request a free copy of Visimage3 to use with your own data.  We would be happy to provide you with the names of other customers that are using Visimage to save both time and money.